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I think most people will agree that it's lovely to have portraits taken with your mother.  How much more wonderful is it to have your mother + your daughter + your granddaughter in the same picture.

When I announced my Mom &  Me Model last month, I was hoping to get requests for at least one Generation Photography Session. I got my wish! Melanie was one of the mothers that answered it. She has a daughter, Sabrina, who has a daughter Claire. She asked if she could invite her mother for a generation shoot & of course I said Yes!

We held their four Generation Photography Session in Granite Bay a couple of weeks ago. 

Four generation portrait with young girl, her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother

I love the photo below of Melanie hugging her mom - I can't help but smile when I see the joy in their faces!

Older Mother and her daughter hugging

Mary Lou, Melanie's mom, was tickled when she realized that she would be in all of the pictures.

Adult granddaughter and grandmother hugging and looking at each other with their foreheads touching

Sabrina has a young son, Jack. It was so cute to see him enjoy time with his great grandmother. 

Grandson and granddaughter hugging and kissing their great-grandmother whose eyes are closed

My favorite part of our session was capturing their close family bond. What a blessing for Sabrina's children to have a relationship with their great grandmother, something many people don't have a chance to experience. When I took the photos of her with Claire and Jack, she said, "I am the luckiest great-grandmother in the world!" This brought a smile to all of our faces. 

Great-grandmother and her great-granddaughter sitting on a white blanket on green lawn

Thank you Melanie, for answering my Mom & Me Model call. It was such a pleasure seeing you again &  meeting your mom for a special generation photoshoot. 

3 generation portrait with grandmother, daughter, and adult granddaughter

Claire Toney is a Lifestyle photographer currently located in Ranch Cordova. She specializes in outdoor family portraits. She loves capturing the unique personalities of the people she photographs &  the special bond within families. Book her photography services by sending her an email at or by calling (916) 769-5482