Photo Stories | Family Game Night

Being part of a board gaming family, it tickles me when I go into a home for Family Lifestyle Photography session and see a wall of board games. The Pendletons have such a wall. It attests to their love of Euro-style board games; in fact, Anthony co-designed the board game Skräll. 

For our session, Azadeh planned a few games for them to play. In case you are not familiar with the Euro-style game genre, these games are more thematic and require more strategy to play. While this may sound challenging for young children, you would be surprised at how well some kids pick the rules up (and beat their parents while they're at it!)

I took the photo below of their young son sitting in on one of the games that Azadeh was playing with her two older children.

Little boy looking at a board game

He was so little then! I love the way his little face was looking intently at the board. As I remember, he wasn't feeling very well; his face was flushed and he wasn't as active as his brother and sister. I thought it was so cute, though, that he still wanted to participate. It reminded me of when my son was his age, not being able to read, but insisting on "playing a game" with me and my husband. 

These days don't last very long. I love family documentaries because it allows me to document a family's life as it is during a specific point in time. It's hard to do that yourself when you are knee deep in diapers, up to your elbows in dirty dishes and stepping on Legos all over the floor. 

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Claire Toney is a Family Documentary Photographer currenlty located in Rancho Cordova CA. She loves meeting new families and documenting their lives in pictures. She may be reached at or (916) 769-5482