Mom & Me Photoshoot | Anna D.

I met with Anna for her Mom & Me Photoshoot at Fair Oaks CA a few weeks ago. She is the mother of three - Micah, Natalie, & Elise. A few years ago, she decided that she would start school again & is now taking accounting classes. Aside from this, she volunteers her time at her daughters' school. I think this might qualify her as a supermom.  

Mom sitting and her three children are kissing her on the head

I am so glad that all of her kids made it to this photo session! Her girls participated in the Who I Am Project with me last year, but I never officially met Micah. Anna is proud of her oldest, who is now attending college. He was the perfect model older brother, nudging his sisters to have fun, even helping me figure out how to get the best out of them.  

Mom and son sitting on a chair and smiling

Natalie will be graduating from 8th grade this year. She has a no-nonsense approach to life with a strong mind & definite ideas on how she wants to spend her time. Although reluctant at first to be part of the photoshoot, she eventually accepted that it wasn't so bad. It's a good thing too - she has a beautiful smile!

Daughter in braces hugging her mom from behind and both are smiling

Elise is the youngest & has a very sweet personality. She has a great sense of style, from the top that she wore down to her sandals. Out of the three, I think she enjoyed the photo session the most =)

Mom looking at her daughter who is looking at the camera

My favorite part of the session was when I asked Elise to give her mom a kiss on the cheek. She did so, but wasn't sure where to look, so she kept her eyes on me. I laughed, then she laughed, then everyone laughed. I also enjoyed watching them see how they would react to my prompts & instructions. As I mentioned before, I never know how kids will take my instructions - will they look at me blankly? Will they roll their eyes & completely ignore me? All of the above? Well, thanks to Anna, all three took my directions in stride. I love the look of disbelief on Elise's face, though. I should probably ask Anna what she said to get that reaction. 

Mom laughing with three children looking at her

Thank you for being part of my Mom & Me Model Call, Anna! It was such a fun session, & I hope your kids enjoyed it too. 

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