Mommy & Me Photoshoot | Kristin

Mommy, I want to tell you something. 

What is it baby?

You're the best mommy in the whole world!

Daughter and mom looking at each other

Do I even have to write any more?

Kristin & her daughter have a bond that is the sweetest thing to witness, as you will see from the following photos. We met at a park in Roseville California for Kristin's Mom & Me Photoshoot last month. 

While we walked towards the area where I wanted to take their pictures, Alex ran along the side on the grass. I commented that she reminded me of Laura Ingalls from the show "Little House on the Prairie". If you are from my generation, you may remember the opening credits where you saw Laura (played by Melissa Gilbert) running down a hill. That is exactly what Alex looked like. I was glad that she still had energy, until Kristin said that she gets a rush of energy right before she is ready to go to bed. Oh boy. I knew then that I had to pace the shoot to keep Alex engaged. 

Mom and young daughter on a trail in Roseville CA

I thought Alex did pretty well until she got tired. I then asked her tickle her mom, which she did happily. This was my favorite part of the session. I love seeing their connection! I laughed when, instead of giving her mom one kiss, she gave her lots & lots. What mom doesn't love that?

Close up of a Mom and daughter looking at each other
Young daughter tickling her mom's ear and her mom is laughing and looking at her. 

We shot the last few photos of our shoot on the field. I placed my blanket on the grass. It looked pretty comfy - no doubt spongy & soft because of the previous week's rain & the current springlike weather. Alex agreed - when she stepped onto the blanket, she rolled around on it like it was a bed (LOL!). 

Young and her mom sitting on a field at sunset

It soon became apparent, though, that the long day was becoming too long. We were just about to call it a day when I noticed Kristin holding her close. One of my final shots was the one below. It's a sweet reminder that moms can make everything okay. 

Mother holding her young daughter in her arms and they are looking at each other. 

Claire Toney is a Natural Light Photographer based in Rancho Cordova California. She loves capturing the connections between mothers & their children. She is currently booking Outdoor Mommy & Me Sessions for May 2018! To see what dates she has available & to grab your spot, visit her Mommy & Me Page. You may also send her a message at or call/text her at (916) 769-5482