Photo Stories | Rain boots

I am a not a fan of the rain. Living in California puts me in the minority, perhaps, but I'm not going to lie. 

Last year I met a beautiful young lady who loves the rain, so much that when I asked her mom what she likes the most, rainy days was one of the things she mentioned.

Megan's mom contacted me when I had model call for the Who I Am Project, a tween portrait project focused on building tween girls' self esteem. When she described Megan to me, I thought that a rainy day photo session would be perfect for her.

I was right. 

boots splashing in a puddle

Weather, especially during the winter, is a fickle animal. When you want a nice sunny day, rain clouds darken the sky, and make everything wet & muddy. In our case last year, it didn't rain when we wanted it to. 

Fortunately though, there were puddles. 

Megan is a happy & positive young lady, so you may find it a little ironic that this photo is a good representation of our shoot. I think that it speaks to her playful approach to life & her ability to find the silver lining in a dark cloud. What a great quality to have =)

I will be having a model call soon for a new round of the Who I Am Project. They will be a little different this year, but I'll be inviting the same age range of preteens. If you know of a tween that will want to participate, sign up for my email list below. You'll be one of the first to be notified when the sign ups will be!

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