Styled Victorian Photoshoot | Ashlynn

My daughter & I had a Victorian Styled Photoshoot a few weeks ago in Coloma CA. The parks are beautifully maintained there, even the ones that have been devastated by fire or other disasters. Many are not feasible to have photoshoots in or near, but fortunately we found one that was. 

Teen girl wearing black in front of brick wall

I wanted this photo session to be different from my normal family sessions. This was completely agreeable to my daughter, whose favorite color is black. If you are a parent of a teenager, you may recognize the somber mood in the photos below. Although I insist that black is not a color (scientifically, at least) but rather the absence of it, she says it is. And she wears it - all the time, head to toe. As it turns out, she's also pretty fashion savvy too, so I let her choose most of her outfit, as long as it fit in with my vision of what I wanted the images to look like.  

Teen girl wearing black dress and black fingerless gloves standing next to a barred window

Since her outfits & all of the props were black, I thought it appropriate that we had a Gothic Victorian Theme. "Creepy" was the feeling that wanted. I have to add here that my daughter is a pretty happy girl, albeit moody....well, because she's a teenager. So it was pretty funny to see her laugh during our shoot, making me remind her that I wanted her to pretend she was an apparition come back to haunt the building. 

Teen girl in a black cape holding a lantern

The only thing that was missing from our photoshoot was the sunset. I didn't realize that the mountains would hide the setting sun! We caught it on the way home though - I noticed it while we were driving by Lotus Park. I had to turn into a parking lot on the side of the road to see if we could capture a few more pictures. I am so happy that we did! Despite the location, we were both able to make the most of the environment & remaining light to capture some beautiful images. 

Close up of a teen girl looking over her shoulder
Teen girl holding a black parasol and wearing a black dress and black gloves
Teen girl holding a black parasol leaning against a wooden rail and facing the sunset

Claire Toney is a professional photographer who is a born creative & artist. She is always looking for ways to unleash her creativity, & is always grateful to her family who help her (although reluctantly at times) in her endeavors.

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