Child Portraits | Violet

I had a photoshoot with Lil' Miss Violet earlier this year. She has strong opinions on what shoes she wants to wear. Luckily, they matched the adorable dress that her mom bought for this occasion.

Little girl sitting on a wooden chair in a Folsom CA park

She turned one last August, so this photoshoot was overdue! While at the time of this shoot, she wasn't talking her mom's ear off, she enjoyed speaking into the phones that I brought for her to play with. She has "Hello?!" down, that's for sure!

We met at a park in Folsom, California on a beautiful sunny day. Her hair has grown out just long enough for her mom to put it up in pigtails. I love how expressive children are at this age. You can almost read what she was imagining in some of the shots I took.

Little girl speaking on a brown old fashioned phone

The first time I took photos of this little girl, she wasn't even walking. We were just happy to be able to prop her up so that I could take some pictures of her sitting. Now that she is (very!) mobile, she kept me on my toes. I grabbed the image below when she decided she wanted to climb on some rocks. She has such a sweet smile (and look at those little baby teeth!)

little girl climbing on rocks

My favorite part of the session was watching her play against the setting sun. She reminded me so much of when my kids were that little. Sticks and rocks - kids can't get enough of them, can they? 

little girl in pigtails wearing an overalls denim dress and playing with sticks

Thank you for letting Violet model for me, Tamara! I enjoyed spending time with both of you and I hope we get to see each other more often. 

little girl with bright eyes sitting on a wooden chair

Claire Toney is a child portrait photographer based in Rancho Cordova CA. She is known for capturing personalities in her photographs. To book her for a session, send her a message via email at If you are in the Sacramento CA area, you can also call or text her at (916) 769-5482