Generation Photoshoot | Linda • Elise • Lizzy • Jaqui

Elise answered my Mom & Me Model call back in March and asked if we could include her mother in law, Linda. I love that she feels close enough to Linda to include her, so of course I said yes. We all met in downtown Roseville, CA for our photo session. 

A Generation photo of Elise, her mother-in-law, and her two daughters. 

Elise is many things: a lawyer, a songwriter, a singer, a writer, a mother, a daughter, and daughter-in-law. It was with these things in mind that I thought that their group would appreciate embracing the theme of family love for this shoot. I had several activities in mind that I asked them to do to help elicit genuine emotion. 

A mother and her two daughters in Roseville CA

My favorite one involved pairing them off and sharing what they appreciate the most in their partner. Oh my goodness, the laughs and tears were wonderful to see!

Two teenage sisters hugging in Roseville CA

I don't know about you, but sharing sentimental things to anyone that I love dearly is hard (admittedly, it shouldn't be, but it is). It's cathartic, though, and it can bring people closer together. Indeed, Elise was not sure when she would cry. The tears came when she thanked Linda for all of the selfless ways that she helps Elise's family. 

My favorite moment was hearing Lizzy say to her mom that she appreciates how she puts herself in Lizzy's and Jaqui's shoes when they go to her for help. It touched me that she recognized how helpful this is for herself and her sister, and that it helps all of them grow as people. 

Mom and her daughter during a Mom & Me photoshoot in Roseville CA

Thank you Elise, Linda, Lizzy, and Jaqui for a wonderful and heartwarming session! I could not have spent my rainy afternoon in better company. (Yes, folks, it was sprinkling during our session!)

Daughter with her chin resting on her mom's shoulder during a Mom & Me Photoshoot in Roseville CA

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