Mommy & Me Photoshoot | Andrea

I met with Andrea and her little boy a few weeks ago for her Mommy & Me Photo Session. Her son is almost 2 years old. He is at that age where the desire for independence is strong, but he still likes to be held by mommy. I love that she carries him on her shoulders - what a way to see the world! 

A full length shot of a mom with her son on her shoulders

With young children, easy & one-step directions are the key. It was so cute to see her little boy interpret "give mommy a hug" in the picture below. Apparently, hugs mean kisses, & he was happy to give one to her! I love the photo below - a child loving on his mommy is such a sweet thing to behold.

A mom laughing as her son sits on her shoulders and he is giving her a hug and kiss

My favorite part of every session is when the children get comfortable enough with me so that I can capture happy expressions. I had to include the below photograph in this post - he wanted a silly picture & the gate was just the thing he was looking for. He played peek-a-boo & I caught him just in time. 

A young boy peeking under a wooden rail

Thank you Andrea for answering my Mommy & Me Model Call! It was wonderful to meet you & Elliot. What a perfect afternoon! I hope the pictures reflect what a loving & caring mother you are & the adoration he has for you. 

A young boy sitting on a wooden rail with his mom behind him. 

Claire Toney is a professional photographer based in Rancho Cordova, California who specializes in natural light portrait photography. Capturing all the love, sweetness, drama, & honest connections between moms & their children are just a few of her favorite things. She is booking Mommy & Me Sessions now! To grab your spot, visit her Mom & Me page, find the date that you want & follow the directions. You may also contact her via email at or (916) 769-5482