Child Portraits | Jasper

I took these pictures last year (!) I can't believe I forgot to post about this sweet little boy's child photo session with me. 

We visited a park in Fair Oaks California to take photos with the wildflowers last year. I love seeing the purple vetch that grows rampant in this area every spring. Combine that with our native orange poppies and you've got wildflower heaven. For some reason, though, I don't see poppies in this park very often; I see a lot of small yellow flowers though, which are almost as pretty (I'm partial to poppies, so that explains the "almost"). 

He happily followed all the trails while I snapped pictures everywhere we went. At times, I would stop but ask him to keep walking because I wanted to take a photo of him against the background. After a couple of times hearing me give these instructions, he said, "Claire, I already know what you are going to say - Jasper just keep walking so I can take a picture." LOL

Little boy walking along a path with purple and yellow wildflowers

My favorite part of the session was watching him find all the tiny frogs that kept hopping in front of his (our) path. Everywhere we turned we saw frogs hopping all over his feet. He was so excited to see them that he was determined to catch two at a time. Before he knew it, he caught one...then two!

boy in white shirt looking at a tiny frog in his fingers
little boy in a white shirt looking at tiny frogs that he is holding in his fingers

His favorite part of our morning was playing on the monkey bars. He has a jungle gym in his back yard that his dad built and his mom says that he plays on it every day. No wonder he's so strong! He knows it too - ""I am amazing. I don't get hurt often." - quote from Jasper. 

Little boy yelling on the monkey bars

I had such a fun morning with you, Jasper! I can't believe I didn't blog about this. Thank you especially to his mom, Sarah, for allowing him to be my model for a child portrait session. 

Claire Toney is a child and family photographer in Rancho Cordova CA. She specializes in natural light sessions. Way back when, she was a Child Development Major but graduated as an artist instead. She eventually earned her Master's Degree in Educational Counseling. Now, she takes beautiful photographs of kids and their families.  

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