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Last summer's Photo Scavenger Hunt had chickens on the list.

So what does a photographer do? She calls a friend that has chickens and offers a lifestyle session with the chickens. Darling kids don't hurt either ;)

 Girl sitting on the ground with an amused face as a chicken attempts to jump off of her brother

My friend Sarah and her family adopted 5 chicks last year. She was kind enough to let me come over for a quick chicken photo shoot. She has 3 children who were 10 and under at the time, so you may be able to guess a few of their chickens' names: Hufflepuff, Annabelle, Faffo, and Blue, with Lady Violet (from Downton Abbey) ruling them all. 

They like to be held and cuddled...until they don't. The photo above is the moment when Hufflepuff decided he was tired of being held LOL!

While I am sure that the children are all used to the chickens being fickle about wanting to be held, it's still a surprise when your feathered pet suddenly tries to fly away from you (not to mention ticklish!). I love the look on Tilly's face in the photo above - it encompasses the surprise and humor of the moment. I'm not sure Jasper found it as amusing though ;). 

Lifestyle Photoshoots are always fun, especially when they are with friends! They are probably the easiest for kids too because they can be as laidback as you want them to be. Kids can be themselves and the parents don't feel like they have to keep their children on their best behavior. Plus, photos that capture spontaneous expressions like the one from Tilly are the most priceless ones of all ;)

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