Model Photography | Winter Wonderland

I went to the snow this past weekend for the first time in about 25 years. I'd forgotten how beautiful and magical it looks, especially in its pristine state. There were points along the road when I was tempted to pull over so I could take some pictures! It took about an hour and a half to get to the location where the Winter Wonderland Model Snowshoot was taking place. On the way, I noticed the gradual appearance of snow. Before long, snow flocked the evergreen trees and it started to look like a beautiful Narnian winter, minus the lamppost and talking animals!

I met my group in the parking lot. The woman in charge had the models dressed in fairytale dresses and beautiful headpieces; everything they wore added to the fairytale theme of the session. 

One thing that you should know about shooting in such white conditions is that your camera will most likely overcompensate for brightness its sensors are seeing. You need to set your camera to shoot with a slower shutter speed than your camera is telling you, otherwise your photos will come out underexposed. Case in point, I used my 28-300 mm Nikon lens and added a few stops to my exposure. Any less and the snow pictures would have looked grey. I also set my camera's white balance to shade, so the pictures came out warmer; The automatic setting adds a bluish tinge to pictures taken in the snow, and I don't like that.

Below are some photos that I took during the short day. I think the models may have been glad it wasn't longer than that. They braved the cold temperatures for a couple hours, which is so much longer than I would have been able to do.