All of the above

October 10, 2014

Today I had my first photography showcase.
Thought I was prepared; I wasn't
Thought I would leave the house by 12:30. I didn't
Wondered if I would find parking. I did. Then the meter ate my money.
Since the meters took credit cards, I thought I was prepared. They didn't work

Lost my ID and my bank card. Didn't know it
Until 4 women yelled out my name (while I was going to add money to my parking ticket)
"Are you Claire Toney?"
I thought, "Hmmm, Yes, I am. Do I know you?"
"You dropped this" and they handed me my driver's license and my bank card
Reminded me that there are good, honest people in the world after all. And I felt relieved. For a moment. Until I realized I was still parked illegally.

Was given a secret parking spot
Shhhh I can't tell where
Finally finished attaching my background to the metal fence panel.
Discovered that I had the wrong size S hooks
Sad and wanted to cry
But I didn't
and drove to Home Depot and bought $50 worth of bigger S hooks. Just in case. And I made sure to keep the receipts. Because God knows that I won't use all of those damn S hooks.

Returned to the venue and my friend was there to help me set up. Hugged the coordinator's assistant who told me where Home Depot was
We finished hanging my photographs
Finished my booth,

Ate food.

Got my picture taken
Got a video made, of me (!)

Got dressed.
Met some people - Ryan, Martin (who is my brother's twin - no joke and boy do we have stories to tell), a few other photographers, and a really nice couple who had a tattoo booth. Time was up so I didn't get his name - drat

Took more selfies and Instagram pics

My hair dresser was the first I saw (I <3 her)
Them more and more and more people came.
Hugged them all

My creative consultant came and changed the way I looked at my portraits forever.
I know now where I need to go. Funny how life takes you places and leads you to people that change your life forever.

Saw lots more people, scheduled appointments (yay!), hugged everyone that I recognized.
Love of my life came and I think he actually had a good time. He is more social than I give him credit for =)

Band played, dancers danced (fabulously, I might add), rappers rapped, singers sang.

Things died down, started breaking down, lights turned off, background pulled down, boxes refilled
Walked (fast!) to my car, brought it around to the front of the club. Insisted that I drive my friend and love of my life to their cars - are you kidding? it's dark out there and it's downtown
Loaded the car, checked my space. All clear.

Drove my friend to her car (a couple blocks away!) and the love of my life to his car. Drove home.

Kids still awake with my friend who was watching them. Talked a bit. Made a promise to schedule a playdate (I <3 her too, and her kids)

Took a shower and now relaxed.

How was my day? All of the above.