I'm not lost, I just don't know where I am

Don't you hate it when you think you know where you are going but you don't, really? I went on a photography adventure today to Nevada City. I love the fall color there and the old buildings. I decided to go Old School, instead of using my cell phone for directions, I printed out the directions from the Chamber of Commerce. The directions said " The road will soon curve to the left, the pavement will end and you will be on a one-lane dirt road that parallels Deer Creek."

Sounds easy enough, yeah?

The road didn't curve; it instead went straight to a private residence, complete with warning signs about home security. I'm sorry, I didn't feel like trespassing today.

No matter, I turned to where I thought I saw a path, passed a brick wall, clambered down towards the sound of rushing water and this is what I saw:




I don't know if I was on the trail, but I thought the view was nice anyway. Someday, I will return and find that trail with the suspension bridge. Maybe if I am lucky, the owners of that house at the end of the pavement will point me the right way.