A Day in the Sun

Living in California, I take for granted that we will have sunny days more often than not. Before I moved here with my family many many years ago, my friends were either afraid for my life - "You're going to die in an earthquake!" - or envious that I would be able to spend every waking day by the beach. Ha! I wish. It does get cold here, even snowy, as evidence by my previous posts. Even on the coldest days, though, I remember what cold really is and am grateful for days like the one I spent with one of my dear friends and her family last summer.

I had just discovered lifestyle and photojournalistic family photography (say THAT 10 times fast) and wanted to give it a shot (pun intended). Kim is one of those people that will try almost anything once and enjoys helping people. In fact, she worked overseas in Japan as an Air Force doctor many years ago, and then worked as a physician until after her daughter was born. She loves all kinds of art and is super friendly, which is one of the main reasons she and I became friends.

I spent a few hours with her and her family (Kim and her daughter mostly, although I sneaked a few of Josh) one day last summer. It was a warm day, so they spent much of the time in the pool. I knew that they were close; but it was so nice seeing it first hand and recording some of their moments for them. It is my hope that they will look back on these photos and smile.