Sacramento is the city of trees. It  is also surrounded by trails, if you know where to look. I saw this today on a walk. I didn't notice the hikers on the trail until I uploaded the picture.


WOW. Gives you perspective, doesn't it?



I saw this covered bridge at the EDGE of the park near Larsen Ranch. I loved the dappled light and the shadows made by the descending sun. Do you see the shadows? Delicate curved lines mirroring their metal pretty. I walked closer, looking to see a way into the other side...


I was thinking about those people walking from this side of the park (see yesterday's picture). Strange, because the gate is LOCKED. Where in the world did they come from??


A little pocket of Peacefulness

I rediscovered the Red Barn at Larsen Ranch last week.

I took some time to stroll around the park and it was time well spent - very lovely.
I remembered the last time I was here. My daughter must have been 9 or 10...There are blackberry bushes everywhere. She decided to pick one and pop it in her mouth before I knew what was happening. That night, she started to puff up and the next morning, she looked like a balloon. Off to the doctor - a lesson learned that you don't just pluck the yummiest thing you see and put it in your mouth! I guess I understand though - blackberries taste great fresh off the vine!